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BluePointe Dental is committed to it’s goal of becoming a dentist office that you do not dread going to!

Community Oriented Dentistry

What is community oriented dentistry?
At BluePointe Dental, it means that we commit to giving back to the community where the patients that choose us live.

We will accomplish this through creative means such as;  sponsorship’s of local charities (please let us know if you have a favorite), contests for FREE Dental Care, a “Local Standouts” page on our website where we recognize Ellicott City residents for a multitude of achievements (feel free to nominate someone), Contests & Give Away’s, and Regular Savings on recurring dental hygiene visits to keep your oral health (related: Effects of Oral Health on your overall Physical Health).

Help us Help Ellicott City

Giving back to the city that welcomed us!

We have started a “Local Dentist Gives Back” program, but could use your help in kicking it off.

Your opinion matters

With all the ideas we’ve been floating around, we realized that the best people to ask are the local residents of Ellicott City.  

The easiest way to help us help Ellicott City is by clicking the button below and responding to 5 simple (drop down menu) questions.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to become your favorite local family dentist.

Don’t worry, your information is safe with us!

A Different "local dentist page"

Social Media with a Purpose!

Why would you want to like or follow a local dentist on Facebook?  

We want to engage with you

That’s the question we asked ourselves when we were planning our Social Media goals. 

The answer is simple!  Because we have a goal to provide valuable, funny, insightful, and possibly sometimes scary (dental horror stories), content you will enjoy seeing.

It’s our job to give you something to follow.  Go ahead, see if we’re succeeding – CLICK ONE OF THE ICONS BELOW.

(please note – as of 5/22/18 – our Social Media Presence is being finalized and will be 100% completed by 6/1/18)

Things to do in Ellicott City

Not quite the “local dentist” page you were expecting huh?


Please note – we are in the process of updating the website.   Content will start populating in this box no later than 6/1/18. 

Check back for a growing list of Things to do in and around Ellicott City, just in time for summer!


Events | Concerts | Festivals | Museums | Summer Activities | Tours | History of Ellicott City (bet you didn’t know) and more!


Recognizing Local Residents

Nominate a local standout

We all know them, the local resident that “everyone” knows, the teacher that cares about her students, the volunteer who quietly goes about their work helping others, the veteran who fought for our freedoms.

Nominate your favorite humble hero.  

Don’t worry, we won’t publish anyone’s information without their consent.  

All nominees will have a story written up for them and be eligible to win great prizes like:

  1. FREE Zoom Teeth Cleaning Appointments
  2. Complimentary Dental Cleanings
  3. Concert Tickets
  4. Event Tickets
  5. Movie Tickets
  6. FREE Coffee Passes
  7. …….and other GREAT PRIZES not thought of yet! 

Dental Care FREEbies

Win Amazing Dental Prizes for Free Dental Care!

 Ongoing Contests, Giveaways, and more fun engaging ways to win FREE Dental Care. 

Ongoing Contests: 

At BluePointe Dental, we want to give back.  What easier way that rewarding lucky patients with great prizes and discounts on Dental Services.  

All contests are simple to enter, and incredibly easy to earn extra entries.  

Earn Extra Entries (EEE):  Simply help spread the word about BluePointe Dental (or any of our contests) and earn more entries.

Haven’t liked, followed, or retweeted us yet?  Don’t worry – we make that simple too!  Click any icon, kill a little time on our Social Media pages (we won’t tell your boss), “like” or “follow” us, and stay in the know  on the next big prize we will be giving away! 

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